winter night from my window

and this is what i see through that window, the ugly communist blocks strangely made beautiful by light and haze. the window as a kind of filter, used to alter reality (like the smoke of grass), for those who live off imagination and dream? perhaps.



  1. ah, from the darkness within she gazes through the haze of light at another darkness without.

  2. yes :-)

    i was adding something to the post while you were commenting, and how strangely your words fit!

  3. i love this very much, both for the pictures themselves -- where the old buildings really do become beautiful -- and for the transforming haze of vision that is so much a part of you :-)

    ...and the complexity of framing again that which is already in a frame, but as it shifts in the night -- there is something fundamental in the aesthetics of that moment ...

  4. ah my beautiful friend this is a fantastic journey of the soul yes the window captures the impressions of light like a dream catcher that matches the inner solar universe- aplace of beauty that does not rely on external reality.
    bises de la lumière.

  5. How do you do this, Roxana? This conjuring of beauty out of everything? Is that you, the brightness reflected from the water which was your breathing?

  6. James, the frame, yes, this is part of our fascination for windows, isn't it?
    i am happy you came here :-)

  7. Madeleine, the window as dream catcher, now that is an idea one really has to ponder! thank you, as always, for your creative and lovely comments. bises back for you :-)

  8. mts,
    the most difficult questions :-)
    the only answer possible is that i do this without knowing that i do something, if that makes any sense.

    (thank you, from my heart)