Giovanni Segantini, Portrait of Jeanne Duval (Woman with Fan)

"The theme of curtains is so provocative. Many images come to mind. Just now, I was thinking of a Japanese fan, also a kind of curtain, and also used in many cultures for many reasons. It is used in seductive dances, or in casual encounters where one hides behind it a bit so as to create a certain allure. In the history of American Burlesque....the big feathery fans were commonly used on stage to titillate the primarily male imagination. "

sent by mythopolis



  1. there is certainly a fascinating connection there, since curtains imply the idea of hiding/revealing which is also essential to that of the fan. a new path of connections opens up...

  2. a marvelous addition, reflection and extension. thank you mythopolis.

    (as things advance you'll see why "tome" is the proper description)

  3. i love this painting, i love the way her hands point one to the fan, the other to the curtain, as if to show the similarity between the two objects...