framing the sky

and a second attempt to see the curtains detail more clearly



  1. this is a very old house in a german village close to the border with Luxemburg, i think they were preparing to tear it down :-(

    i will post more pictures of it, just to document it before it disappears. i only increased the contrast a bit, these amazing colours were there, i was spellbound.

  2. yes, amazing how the sky seems to have found this curtain to get caught in it, and then the flowers around, from the cracks, couldn't this be a Magritte painting? :-)

  3. No doubt, Magritte had come to mind for me as well; however though it contains all the elements and in the proper relation, it remains far too beautiful for Magritte.

  4. ah Roxana, these colours and the mixing of the elements allows the dream to penetrate the entire universe....

    ah you've made me dreamy, I just saw my updates, Roxana posted o seconds ago - that is dreamy in itself...


  5. thank you so much, Madeleine, yes, this window is really a dream in itself, i would have said an artist's dream but no, the house, time and nature, the sky, all played together to create it... perhaps it is their dream, if they do dream...