through a storm-lashed windowpane

Or, holding in fief the storm and the dark and all the black powers of wizardry, to gaze, ghoul-visaged, through a storm-lashed windowpane, briefly planting unutterable horror in grouped and sheltered life; or, no more than a man, but holding, in your more than mortal heart, demoniac ecstasy, to crouch against a lonely storm-swept house, to gaze obliquely through the streaming glass upon a woman, or your enemy, and while still exulting in your victorious dark all-seeing isolation, to feel a touch upon your shoulder, and to look, haunter-haunted, pursuer-pursued, into the green corrupted hell-face of malignant death.

Thomas Wolfe, from Look Homeward, Angel



  1. you started! :) i'm so curious if you like it,in my opinion there are many quotes that you can find there about WINDOWS,there are

    1. i can't read it online as it is too long, so i will have to read it in translation after all :-)