the artist at the window

Paul Klee sits weeping
behind the windowpane
he watches the people go by
and they all become lines
and he sees only the lines
and the lines go by
in front of the windowpane

Peter Härtling, Paul Klee

Paul Klee, The artist at the window, 1909

hinter den fensterscheiben weint PAUL KLEE
er sieht die leute vorübergehn
und sie werden lauter striche
er sieht lauter striche vorübergehn
und die striche gehen vor den scheiben.


  1. love these lines. Nice post, thank you.

  2. i was thinking that this could be an interesting topic for the Tome, the-artist-at-the-window-theme - the window becoming a metaphor for _seeing_, a different kind of looking at the world, which the artist embodies.
    there is also this other post which could be connected with this one, the writer (Hoffmann) at the window, but thinking about his stories in terms of sketching:

  3. "artist at the window"--interesting theme indeed!