from ice windows to ice paintings

The artist Susan Kruse presenting her amazing works with the elements (rain, snow etc.):

"This picture shows the original inspiration for the ice pictures - the desire to capture somehow the beautiful frost patterns made on my shed-cum-studio windows

This is an image of the ice crystals taken inside the shed.

A couple of days ago I painted a blue square on the window,
you can see the ice crystals growing over it now.

And this is an ice painting. The crystals of ice make
patterns into the wet ink. Made outside at 6am this morning.

All the paintings made this morning.

this is where you can find her original post, on her blog, Welcome to my Brain 



  1. Yes this is beautiful. It is like the ice crystals are capturing the beauty of winter snow.
    sending you snowflake kisses.

  2. Hey Roxana! Thank you for sharing my work - how lovely to hear from you. I hope life is good?

  3. and also it is intriguing this crystal write in the blue ink.stunning in a seasonal kind of way.

  4. i am glad you enjoyed it, Madeleine :-) yes, the crystal white in the blue ink is so wonderful...

    Susan, thank you for offering it to us in the first place!!! it is truly wonderful and i hope to see more of such delights soon :-)