the window shut...

I put myself inside, and I close the window.
They bring me the lamp and they say good night,
And my peaceful voice says good night.
If only my life were always this:
A day full of sun, or soft with rain,
Or stormy to end the world,
A pleasant evening with groups of passing people
I can watch curiously from my window,
A last friendly look at the quietness of the trees,
And then after, the window shut, the lamp still burning,
Without reading anything, or thinking about anything, or even sleeping,
To feel life running through me like a river along its bed,
And outside a great silence like a god who is sleeping.

Fernando Pessoa/ Alberto Caeiro


  1. thanks to my friend Cerasela :-) she found it in romanian and i searched for it in english, trying my luck with different words which i assume would translate directly, like rain, window etc. it worked! :-)