delicate embroideries



  1. aaaaaaaaah beautiful photo my extravagantly beautiful friend Roxana. yes there is the delicacy of nature upon which all our delicacies spring from the heart and mind.
    I found this to be an interesting turn of phrase. I was striving to say that all our delicacies spring from nature but then the heart and mind are included in nature.
    you always do this to me, compelling me to surprises in my own writing haha.

    may the sun peirce today the delicate veil of your embroideries.

  2. oh, Madeleine, i don't know how i missed this comment of yours, i am sorry for that and very grateful for your comment and for that surprising "turn of phrase", for it is not only true, but also a very beautiful image. only western philosophy has for quite long imagined that the "mind" is opposite to nature...

    bises, chere amie!!!