My Window-Ivy

Over my window the ivy climbs,
Its roots are in homely jars;
But all the day it looks at the sun,
And at night looks out at the stars.

The dust of the room may dim its green,
But I call to the breezy air:
"Come in, come in, good friend of mine!
And make my window fair."

So the ivy thrives from morn to morn,
Its leaves all turned to the light;
And it gladdens my soul with its tender green,
And teaches me day and night.

What though my lot is in lowly place,
And my spirit behind the bars;
All the long day I may look at the sun,
And at night look out at the stars.

What though the dust of earth would dim,
There 's a glorious outer air
That will sweep through my soul if I let it in,
And make it fresh and fair.

Dear God! let me grow from day to day,
Clinging and sunny and bright!
Though planted in shade, Thy window is near,
And my leaves may turn to the light.

Mary Mapes Dodge



  1. nowadays not only the spirit is behind bars, but also the ivy, no glorious outer air left!

  2. hello my beautiful friend, what dreamy photos. I feel the first one was entwined around my dreams long before you posted this photo.

    This verse reminds me of a little poem that my very religious aunt sent me when I was a very young child.From what I can remember there was a lot of foliage on the card and the poem read-

    Bless me heavenly father
    forgive my erring ways
    grant me strength to serve thee
    put purpose in my days.
    give me understanding
    enough to make me kind
    so I may judge all people
    with my heart and not my mind.

    nice sharing this little memory with you.
    have a beautiful day my beautiful friend.

  3. Tu as tout changer , mais toujours cette univers que j'aime depuis longtemps dans ta poésie qui est dans tes rêveries.

  4. thank you for sharing, as always, dear Madeleine. i am happy to discover that you love ivy too, as much as i do! :-)

  5. Merci, Alain, d'etre venu ici et pour tes mots si gentils...