window as closure

(the fact that all windows are also mirrors points perhaps - perhaps - to the fact that every look upon the other is inevitably obstructed by the self)



  1. ah my beautiful friend Roxana, this is powerful art-the imprint of the self on the night and yes the ego is light years away from being examined by the self.
    bises de Noel.

  2. When looking into the eyes of another, the first thing, in fact the only thing to be seen is one's own self image.

    (a quote from memory,though i can't remember who said it)

  3. how i am (painfully) caught between the ego as this denseness of being and a yearning for a state beyond. just now i wandered through my house at odds, every wall a mirror, every mirror reflecting me. damn this.

    my son learns to make an origami boat. i imagine slicing through the water - outward.

    your image confronts and perhaps even alarms me. it feels like there is no escape, not even through the window.


  4. Madeleine, i simply wanted to take a photo of that window, thinking about the Tome :-) but then i startled when i saw my reflection, and somehow i remained haunted by that moment.

    bises pour toi aussi :-)

    Michael, the eyes as mirror is indeed a very important topic of the Tome.

    erin, your comment echoes in me so deeply since the other day, just the other day i cried saying exactly this, 'there is no escape' - but then i think that it all depends on us, if we think there is an escape, then a window will open, at more generous times, even a wide door. a poet very dear to me, Hoelderlin, said these words which have accompanied me ever since i read them first: "yet where is danger, also grows that which saves".

    oh, i saw the origami bird at your window :-)