curtains blow out past the window

curtains blow out past the window
infants, when hands are held, try to overstep

i am a forward beating pendulum
destructive, striking out from my own chest

Erin from in search of white space



  1. How surprising to find another of your blogs, and one about fluttering curtains, just after I posted a flash fiction piece with a gorgeous image I found on imagekind! It features flowing white curtains with autumn leaves blowing inside....just lovely. The photographer is also on flickr, where she shows much more of her work.

  2. thank you, Lydia, for coming here and for your interest in everything about curtains and windows :-)
    (i already saw your post and i will comment on it a bit later, what an amazing coincidence)

    this is not exactly my blog, but an open archive-project with Michael Tweed, where we are collecting everything on the afore-mentioned topic. any suggestion and contribution is welcome!

    the poem featured here is written by Erin, you might want to take a look at her wonderful blogs too, she is in search of white space both in words and in pictures (just click on the link in the post). i have a feeling you will find she speaks to you as well.