Well summerbreeze is blowing through your window
And summerbreeze is blowing through your hair
And something in your eyes that you cannot disguise
Don't tell me it ain't there

Emiliana Torrini


  1. she is lovely and so natural, the total opposite of say... Lady Gaga? and i like this song (not her other ones, too pop for me) -

    however, do you intend to extend the original idea of this blog to everything about windows? i thought this was about windows _and_ curtains, especially fluttering in the wind curtains. i think that 'just windows' is already a very well researched topic, for ex:

    (the cover!!! :-)


  2. this song however deals directly with the breeze through an open window, the rustling curtains being implied by the breeze through "your hair."

    nevertheless, of course the window in art has been dealt with in various books and even this recent exhibition at the MET. that said however i don't see any need to limit the topic to fluttering curtains, not when various images, quotes etc. can open up other approaches and ways to think about that specific topic.

    furthermore the issue for me at least is not the window as depicted in art, nor even the symbolism, fluttering curtains are merely the jumping off point to consider cultural, philosophical etc. perspectives on dwelling, landscape, nature, the subject and object, Eastern philosophical views such as Taoism, etc. etc. but that's me, you and others may have an entirely different purpose, which only adds to mix and opens things up even further.

  3. i see your point in the second part of the argument, but i can't understand where the rustling curtains are implied in the song :-)

    returning to the general discussion, i also think of these implications, it is just that for me, the idea of 'only the window' and the idea of the "window plus fluttering curtains" lead to very different associations and connotations, anyway the latter are the ones which interest me personally, more than a general window-based approach.

    but of course we can open the blog to everything...

  4. i included the lyrics for this very reason! if this one doesn't interest you though, there is no use posting the other gems i had.

    and of course you can post any curtains you want... in fact i'm waiting... until then you are stuck with my windows of various kinds...